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Benefit 1: Why Mediation Saves Time

Arguing, avoiding communication, and simply disagreeing with your partner/spouse can substantially slow down the process and completion of your divorce. Contested divorces in many Colorado Courts have been known to last up to two years before being completed. Mediation affords both parties the opportunity to resolve your differences and issues in a more efficent and much more timely way.

After your Initial Status Conference (a meeting that is scheduled once the initial divorce paperwork has been filed with the court), both parties may be required to participate in mediation if there are unresolved issues between them. The mediation would then be scheduled prior to your Contested Hearing.

In Colorado, there is a mandatory 90 days waiting period after filing the divorce petition. If all documents are complete, your Decree by the court may be entered on or after the 91st day, or at the conclusion of your Contested Hearing.

Making the decision to meet with a Professional Mediator allows both parties to take control of the process, finalize any necessary documents, and move forward more quickly from start to completion.

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